TomTom Go IXD

TomTom Go IXD

My role at TomTom in the User Experience Design team consisted in the re-design the interaction components of two main elements of the TomTom Go (that was released to the market late 2013): the search functionality as well as the Points of Interest feature.  Additionally I designed the user flow for the SD card functionality of portable navigation devices SD enabled.

Role: Interaction Designer, UX Researcher
Research Tools: Rapid Ethnographic Techniques, Focus Groups, Usability Testing, Car Simulator Testing
Design Tools: OmniGraffle, Axure, Illustrator, Photoshop, Visio.

Points of Interest (POI) feature

Design Brief:  Design the IXD for all the moments the user interacts with the POI data in their personal navigation device (PND).

I collaborated with a department of TT called TT Places that guards all the POI data, provides new content, creates business opportunities, collects, verifies, manages and distributes all POIs.

The design challenges included the need to understand context of use, the user background, the hardware and software limitations, as well as the business interests.

User Research

The design process revolved mainly around conducting user research.  Being in an industry setting, most research took place in a rapid fashion following guidelines from rapid ethnography techniques as well as using quick and dirty evaluation techniques.  I conducted the following research activities:

  • Literature research
  • Phone interviews with users
  • Competitive Analysis (heuristic evaluation)
  • Observations (hanging out in Amsterdam Central Station and observing tourists)
  • Focus Groups (2 sessions of 5 people)
  • Online questionnaire (88 participants)


With all the information collected, I created personas and decided on the main user for the feature design


Personas Designed for POI Feature


I created a list of requirements for my design based on the research.  The requirements were based on general needs, in the area of personalization and recommendations, interaction and location and privacy.

 Concept Design

In a truly iterative fashion, I had several concepts that were discussed and evaluated with the design team as well as users in a lo-fi setting.  Mainly, I came up with 3 designs: 1 focused on the 2-D visualization where I refined areas of interaction, gestures, context awareness and response time.  Another concept focused on the 3D visualization and refined areas of familiarity of elements, and the 3rd one that focused on the menu design and provided a platform to explore behavior, information visualization and architecture as well as animation.


Concept Exploration

Concept Evaluation

I prototyped and evaluated the final concept in a car simulator through a wizard of oz exercise with 5 participants.   The areas of focus were efficiency and overall satisfaction measured through in-depth interviews and several dimensions in terms of cognitive load and demand measure with the DALI questionnaire.


User Testing of Hi-Fi Prototype in Simulator

The final concept was presented to the UXD team, discussed and filed for patent (still pending) so I can’t share it here yet.  Elements of it are present in the TomTom Go system, available in the market.

Search Functionality

I also worked on the interaction design elements of the search functionality.  My design brief was to design the interaction flow of how the search functionality should behave.  The IXD flows were used by the visual designers to create the final assets.


Search Functionality IXD Flow

Visual designs rendered from my IXD flows.

Visual Design of Search

IXD for SD Card in Portable Navigation Devices

Lastly, I was in charge of designing the user interaction flow for the PND devices enabled with SD cards.  This project consisted of several iterations with developers, and members of the design team that provided insights related to localization, UI components, etc.  All the flows were communicated to the development team as a requirement for how to implement the capability.


User Flow of PND enabled with SD card

* Photo Credits:  All my assets except for TomTom provided stock images for PND devices.

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