experiential prototype

Experience Prototyping in Extreme Environments

I often get asked to talk about the importance of prototyping, the different types and fidelities of prototyping and how to evaluate prototypes.  Here’s a short blurb about “Experience Prototyping” for environments that are considered “Extreme” as the car.

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Google Car

This is why I am so motivated to do what I do.

Clemson Seminar

Seminar at Clemson

I had the honor of presenting my work to the Clemson iCAR department yesterday.  It was a great event, so many insightful conversations and questions and to top it all, Greenville, a beautiful town with its own waterfall in the middle of it!

Here’s the Link to the Seminar.

2010 saw the 1 Billion mark of vehicles (passenger cars) on the road. There’s an estimated steady 3% growth of cars produced per year and in 2014 alone, already over 17 million cars have been produced!




Spending a few days in the rust belt was an intense experience.  It is always exciting to visit car manufacturers and hangout with peers doing interesting work in the space, but, on the other hand, empty building and houses, roads in terrible condition, lines of people outside of soup kitchens wrenched my heart completely open.   I have to admit that it was refreshing to meet young and aspiring creative folks that are working hard to lift the city.  I got an immense sense of hope, and I cannot wait to see what this city will grow up to be!