Giving a class on UX research at SJSU

This is the second time I am invited to give a class on UX research at SJSU. It is a great privilege to be a part of this project and to share some of my experience with students.

UT alumni 2014

Giving back to TU/e

I had a great time presenting about UX research to the Dutch Technical Universities alumni group. It was a fantastic opportunity to give back and to enjoy a nice borrel time with fellow TU’ers.


How to take selfies with Glass

Selfies + Glass= Glelfies!

Follow these simple instructions to create them:

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ipad oob

iPad OOB

The out-of-box experience of the iPad 2 did not pass the mom test.

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experiential prototype

Experience Prototyping in Extreme Environments

I often get asked to talk about the importance of prototyping, the different types and fidelities of prototyping and how to evaluate prototypes.  Here’s a short blurb about “Experience Prototyping” for environments that are considered “Extreme” as the car.

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CHI 2014

Thinking of CHI 2013, when we presented “The Elephant in the Conference Room” by acting out our paper.  So much fun!  I am sad I won’t attend CHI this year…

Ode to the Bidet

I wrote this when I got back from Madrid, when I was living in The Netherlands.  My love for bidet has gone unchanged, so I figured I could re-post here.  Although, after being to Japan, I should definitively add to this post sometime soon.

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Google Car

This is why I am so motivated to do what I do.


Gordy Award Winner!!

In recognition of experience driven, cross disciplinary research and development, enabling Intel to compete in the automotive market.


(Posing with Jennifer Healey and Justin Rattner)


Playing with the new Glass

The new glass comes with new stylish frames. I’m a big believer on Glass becoming ubiquitous in the near future, and I’m very curious to learn how it will play with cars. This might not be my best look yet, but I have hope.

Clemson Seminar

Seminar at Clemson

I had the honor of presenting my work to the Clemson iCAR department yesterday.  It was a great event, so many insightful conversations and questions and to top it all, Greenville, a beautiful town with its own waterfall in the middle of it!

Here’s the Link to the Seminar.

2010 saw the 1 Billion mark of vehicles (passenger cars) on the road. There’s an estimated steady 3% growth of cars produced per year and in 2014 alone, already over 17 million cars have been produced!



Eye Track My World

I’ve spent a lot of time lately to explore Eye Tracking and EEG (Emotiv) tools for research.  I’ve been training my team in how to use these Neuro-Visual tools to make our research more comprehensive.  Exciting times!

Forbes Summit: Self-driving cars on their way, Ford chairman says

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Fake Usability

“It seems to me that you have been brainwashed with this usability stuff”  That was the response of a TU/e professor in a meeting scheduled to explore possibilities to conduct usability studies in the visual analytics domain.  Really?  it seems so, then!  a BA, MSc and a doctorate  in the topic might have successfully brainwashed me in the subject.  This is not the first comment of the sort I get, and for that reason, I did not feel offended, or sad, or… actually, I didn’t feel much since I think I am immune.  Studying Human Factors is a given that having to lobby for a voice in any design matter is part of the job description. Read more


Wearable Project

Still in very early stages… doing some early prototypes.  I will try to capture and share all the steps here as I go.  Here’s a small tease :)

Ok Cancel treasure.  Listen to your HCI content.



The first thing about Italy that I mentioned to my dad was: Here people are your size! Coming from the Netherlands the physical differences of the inhabitants are obvious at first glance and my 5’6” dad feels at home. Read more

The OAA is a global alliance of technology and auto industry leaders committed to bringing the Android platform to cars starting in 2014.

We are witnessing history here!



Spending a few days in the rust belt was an intense experience.  It is always exciting to visit car manufacturers and hangout with peers doing interesting work in the space, but, on the other hand, empty building and houses, roads in terrible condition, lines of people outside of soup kitchens wrenched my heart completely open.   I have to admit that it was refreshing to meet young and aspiring creative folks that are working hard to lift the city.  I got an immense sense of hope, and I cannot wait to see what this city will grow up to be!



The current players in car technology are shifting.  Who is next?  What are the benefits?  What are some of the issues that will arise? Excited to be part of this world during such times!


Aaron Szostak

The Experience in Death

It finally happens during the journey that we are confronted with death. Not as romantic as I thought of it growing up, not as dramatic or horrid as I saw it in films and media, not as desperate… in a way, inexplicable simple and plain and deeply sad. I can’t seem to have a good grasp on life, so attempting to understand death just seems pretentious. Things happen, that is the way it is. You dry your tears and keep going and as a result you might become a bit tougher, a bit older, a bit desensitized. You come to terms with the idea of not ever seeing that person again and you move on… until… Read more


Reporting Qualitative Data

Analyzing qualitative data is hard. Even harder is presenting the data to a team of stakeholders in a VERY tech company. As I was guiding a team of researchers through a qualitative study, I put together my thoughts on what I actually do when reporting out qual data analysis.

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Genevieve Bell

Genevieve Bell in the New York Times

A nice article featuring Genevieve Bell, the director of my group at Intel Labs (and the reason why I work in it).  Great to read the mention to all the work done in the transportation area, the world where I’ve playing most of my days at Intel so far :)